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In this episode of Thrift the Look I show you how to easily and affordably thrift the new fall fashion trends of 2017! Plus a quick skirt diy!

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Watch Thrift The Look episode 4 here: https://youtu.be/CBJ_6yCmeT8

other places you can find me:
☞ SHOP MY CLOSET – https://www.depop.com/kristenleo
☞ VLOG CHANNEL – https://www.youtube.com/KristenEtc
☞ BLOG – http://kristenleotsakou.blogspot.com/
☞ INSTAGRAM – http://instagram.com/KristenLeo/

what I’m wearing:

main video
– thrifted hat and top
– diy scarf
– Necklaces by LunaLight https://www.lunalightjewellery.com/ and Fire and Honey https://fireandhoneyjewelry.com/
– EdgeOf Ember earrings http://bit.ly/2rYGfuD
– And rings Kiri http://bit.ly/2sTCwTk and Myla http://bit.ly/2sXb8EI

– thrifted and handmade

red outfit
– thrifted top, skirt, jacket and shoes

athleisure outfit
– thrifted tracksuit
– Purusha People wrap top https://purushapeople.com/
– shoes are a gift I received years ago (waiting for them to wear down to get a pair of ethical vegan sneakers)

political outfit
– thrifted top
– vintage overalls
– thrifted shoes

sheer outfit
– thrifted top and skorts
– Underprotection bralette http://underprotection.dk/
– handmade hat

70’s outfit
– Earthling top http://earthlingbrand.com/
– vintage pants and belt
– thrifted hat




Are you Greek?
☞ I’m half Greek half Portuguese.

Where do you live?
☞ In Greece

Why do you have an American accent?
☞ I was raised bilingual speaking Greek and English

What camera do you use?
☞ For my main videos I use the canon 70d with a 50mm f/1.8 sigma lens or the 24mm pancake lens.

Where can I find a list of ethical brands?
☞ Right here! http://kristenleotsakou.blogspot.gr/p/ethical-brands.html


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