Face id recognition? Wireless charging? No home button? Or perhaps something far more insidious is wrong with the new iPhone X…

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SAMPLE MESSAGE (Fill in their name, sign yours and either share
on social media, or look up the brand’s HQ address and post it to them)

Dear __

I am your customer, and I love using your products. But I want the items I’m using to not contain minerals like cobalt that is often mined through child labor and human exploitation as well as causing tremendous environmental pollution.

I care deeply about the people who have worked so hard to make the things I buy from you, from the workers sourcing the minerals you use, all the way to the workers assembling your products. I want to know that they’re being treated fairly, have the freedom to speak out, and are paid enough to live with dignity, opportunity, comfort and hope. So tell me, what are you doing to ensure that the people who make and source the raw materials used to make your products are being paid a living wage? What are you doing to ensure your technology is more sustainable and environmentally friendly?


Apple CEO Tim Cook’s email tcook@apple.com
Samsung email https://contactus.samsung.com/customer/contactus/formmail/mail/MailQuestionProduct.jsp?SITE_ID=1
LG email https://www.lg.com/us/support/email-appointment


Cobalt blues


Apple CEO Tim Cook Blows Away Other CEOs with 2016 Salary




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